Thursday, September 8, 2011

Making a fool out of a...uhm...fool

That waste of oxygen and charlatan of a journalist named by his poor parents Conrado and who carries the name of his family, de Quiros, now disgraced by his deadly combination of utter stupidity, and arrogance, expressed in his column in Pinoy Hell's Bible, is made a fool by civil lawyer, Mariologist, Catholic apologist and pro-lifer, Atty. Marwil Llasos, O.P. (at right) through his blog post.

Head on over to his blog to read more about it.

It is excellent answer to the blasphemy against the Holy Name of Mary that lowlife, bottom dweller, Conrado de Quiros (the idiot eating paper) wrote.

Hot off the press!

No one could've written it better than Atty. Marwil!

PS:  Will de Quiros ever write a scathing commentary about the penchant of the Manalo's of INC to exert pressure on their members on who to vote for during the elections, local or national?

Guess he won't.  They belong to the same league as that chair and brain wrecker!

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