Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Pinoy Jesuit and his spirituality

This I got from here...


On the wider appreciation of the environment, I think we should have a campaign for spirituality. And I think the best spirituality there is, is the ecofeminist spirituality. Seeing earth as a "mother," the way many tribal groups also consider the earth as "mother." So this ecofeminist spirituality should be developed [This is a friendlier, nay "safe" way of saying "Hey!  Let us do what the PAGANS are doing!  Worship Nature!]

Right now, I encounter women and environment in all my advocacies. I think we need to develop that eco-spirituality, and the women could be very helpful in this area. It does not have to be very esoteric. I think we need to go back to the rituals. [What now?] And we need to soil ourselves with the earth--get in touch with the earth, walk barefoot on the ground. [Uhm...unless you are farming which I do.]  We need more poetry to get in touch. We need words and metaphors to bridge us, to bridge the gap between our isolated selves. [*sniff*] We need to connect in a different way. We need to see the world in a grain of sand and see heaven in a wild flower. In other words, in all advocacies we are engaged in, I think we need to go into a contemplative mood. [No argument there.]  Part of the environmental movement should really be contemplative action. Without that, the mountain is just a resource. Without that, a tree is just measured according to cubic feet or cubic metres. Without that, it's easy to dig the bowels of the earth. Without that, you see people as not part of a landscape. Without the contemplative spirit, you don't see the blood that has been spilled over the land in the previous struggles. And without that, you cannot appreciate that the earth is worshipping God. [Uhm.]


This may look all too safe but it borders on the Wiccan spirituality which a lot of priests and nuns in Mindanao love to teach their students and retreatants.  And this Jesuit is no exception being a priest assigned in Davao.

Earthen jars used to burn incense, native woven, Wiccan "liturgical dance" you'll have it in your Mass later on.

Euntes and St. Vincent School of Theology is notorious for this.

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