Thursday, August 25, 2011

When you study MA Theology at Maryhill, this is what you'll learn

"There is no proof that God is a male."

- Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

Miriam always brags that she took her MA in Maryhill School of Theology. But take note, she did not finish her Masters. But she loves bragging that she has a Masters degree.

Just want to ask her this:


Guess MST will agree that Christ is a Male, but being God, nah...He is more of an...

AVATAR!!! Thanks to Teilhard de Chardin.

LIBERATOR!!! Thanks to Gustavo Gutierrez and old-hippie Liberation Theologians stuck in the '60s.

Miriam made the remark during the deliberation of the RH Bill in the Senate.  Click more here.


  1. God is not a male nor a female but often of we consider Him more masculine in form.

  2. Well, tEd....

    Answer this.

    Is Jesus Christ, male or female?

    Do you believe he is God?

  3. Our FATHER (male) in heaven, holy be thy name....
    This is what Jesus taught his disciples how to pray (based on the Gospel).

  4. so is this feminism? duh! Did Jesus called His Father as Mother?

    Father is masculine.
    Mother is feminine.

  5. God is still a mystery it is our faith that can answer that question. Why debate about the gender of God, so what if He is a male? What can we get if we know His gender? Remember the gender is not important but our faith to God.

  6. tEd, you are still not answering my question.

    Is Jesus Christ, male or female?

    Do you believe he is God?

    And may I add what Fr. Gary V. commented: "Our FATHER (male) in heaven, holy be thy name....This is what Jesus taught his disciples how to pray (based on the Gospel)."

    What can you say about this? And please, don't say that it is the bias of the Gospel authors. I have heard that a lot of times from people who question the motives of how the Bible was written because their motives are being questioned by the Bible.

  7. Yes, Jesus is a male and He is God. Did I answer your question? We addressed God in a masculine form because of the Our Father but there is no instance that we consider God as our mother? If you consider God as a male, so what? We are still brothers and sisters. It is up to you because everyone of us has a right. I will not question the gender of God because I know neither God is male nor a female God is still God who knows how to forgive and accept us.

  8. tEd - regarding your question of considering God as our mother, that is a topic I will soon post about.

    But your other question, you are treading on dangerous grounds, my friend.

    To say that we ought not to call God our Father is downright blasphemous! It is not a question of whether we are brothers or sisters. It is a question of whether we believe God is a male or a female.

    And if you think that God is a female even though Christ Himself who is God, is a male and Christ Himself who taught us to call God our Father, is outright blasphemy. YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT GOD IS MALE!

    It is not even a question of whether God forgives us or not. That is not the question here.

    And what you are insinuating is that it is a right or an opinion....tsk... tsk... dangerous waters bro!

    It is not a right! It is a belief!

  9. Ted must be studying in Euntes or MST perharps. Try to read the Bible all the more, let us see if God there is Feminine or Female :P

  10. God is male because He revealed himself as such