Friday, August 5, 2011

What a "Catholic" nun teaches...

Shared to me by a friend.

Note, she teaches at Euntes.

You know what a dreamcatcher is?

It is a new age thingy.

And what is the statement about religions shaping all major world religions?

Christ dreamt about the One, Holy Catholic, Apostolic Church?

If that is not heretic and blasphemous, then you can call Hitler a humanitarian!


  1. Dreamcatchers actually have an long, historical root among some American Indians. New Agers have taken dreamcatchers and adapted it to their own beliefs and practices, supplanted the traditional Indian understanding (note: only some tribes. American Indians are as diverse as Asians are, as Turks and Koreans). I have even seem them sold in the Philippines as somehow traditional Filipino. Dreamcatchers have therefore lost their meaning.

    Instead of being a distinct object, a deeply meaningful symbol of a strong religious beliefs that can communicate what words cannot, dreamcatchers are now nearly meaningless decoration and toys.

    The same has happened to many of our most potent Christian symbols, and to even the word "god" itself. Thou shall not take the Lord God's name in vain? Tell that to those who type "OMG". His name is now as meaningless as "wohoo". So, when we invoke "God" are we praying to Him or saying "wohoo"?

    More info on dreamcatchers:

  2. Dream Catchers have been traditionally been used by some of the indigenous peoples of North America (American Indians) I think you would called them indios, no? Anyways, I don't think they'res anything wrong with that, its just a form of art, like anything else in out world. There's nothing demonic about it. It's just an object that can not hurt us, or you.

  3. BostonChelseaDog617, read my post before you react. I did not say anything about the thing being demonic.