Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Someone "knowledgeable" about theology RANTS about my post about the TLM

I once made a post about Why I Love the Latin Mass.

I did not say that I hate the Pauline Mass.  But I just said I loved it more than I love the Pauline Mass.


But, YOU KNOW, some old guy, who thinks he knows everything there is to KNOW about Catholicism.

And so he reacts...

Paul Dion, STL said...

The Mass is the Mass. It is not a ceremony to watch. It is Christ's sacrifice for our redemption. At Mass we exercise our Priesthood, [WE ARE CHURCH!  Wooohoo!!!  MST!!!] side by side with the minister, the ordained priest and participate in the Last Supper in remembrance of Him to whom we dedicate our lives fully and without reservation. It's impossible to do that if you don't understand the language [He thinks people who attend the TLM are idiots who don't know Latin.  He knows that based on his assumptions.]  and if the minister doesn't acknowledge your presence except for an occasional "Dominus Vobiscum." [The priest needs to acknowledge our presence to confect the Holy Sacrifice.  So, MST!]  I'm old enough to remember what we had before [no wonder why he left!] and I know all the theological reasons why it has changed. [HE KNOWS?!?!?!] I also know [HE ALWAYS KNOWS?!?!?!]  that the changes started way before Vatican II and that Vatican II only dressed the table that Pius XII had already begun to set. [Probably a classmate of Anscar.  HEY PAUL!  Ever heard of Pius XII and his condemnation of liturgical archaelogism in Mediator Dei?  I think you KNOW that don't you?  You have an STL!].  Now let me see you defend the Pauline Mass!]  If you can't handle the 21st century, [yes, I do I was born in the 21st century. Not like you.]  just tough it out while you're here and hope that when you get to heaven you'll have all the reactionary Tridentine spirituality [?!?!  Who is grumpier here?!  I just said I loved the TLM!] you always wanted without ever having truly lived it.  [Now, he judges me.  Look at him!  Studied in Rome for his STL as a layman?  Come on, I am no idiot. ]
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 2:52:00 AM GMT+08:00

Well, I guess a grumpy old man is stuck in the 60s and he thinks he is more knowledgeable of the "theological reasons" why Vatican II changed the Mass.  Maybe because I thanked the Lord for Summorum Pontificum. That turned on the "Grumpy switch".

I can't wait to hear the "theological reasons you know", Paul, before I even answer point by point what you claim you KNOW really happened even at the time of Pius XII.

Because YOU KNOW, dear TPC readers, PAUL DION, ES-TEE-EL, KNOWS better than that old guy who now calls himself Pope.  And YOU KNOW, PAUL DION, ES-TEE-EL, KNOOOOWWWSSS, that when I get to Heaven, I get to live the reactionary Tridentine spirituality I always wanted, because YOU KNOW, PAUL DION, ES-TEE-EL, KNOOOWWWSSS this for a fact because, YOU KNOW that PAUL DION, ES-TEE-EL, KNOOOWWWSSS because he has an ESSSS-----TEEEEE----ELLLLLLL.

"I am so excited and I just can't hide it."

I guess you are too old to know that line too, eh.


Start answering Paul Dion, STL.

I am waiting.

By the way, I do not have an STL.  But I KNOW what and how to answer you.

I have Pope Benedict's writings to back me up among other things.

What do you have?  "I am so excited and I just can't hide it."

Oh yeah, I forgot.

You have an ESSS ---- TEEEE  ----   ELLLLLL!!!!!


  1. Why Don't We Pray that He will Carefully Read the Conciliar Documents,Amen?!

    P.S Where's HillyBilly's Column I sent You?

  2. "We are Church"? NAH! I AM CHURCH! "All your churches are belong to us" Mr. Paul EZ TI EL!! I guess that foregoing language confuses you, since you're very much outdated. Summorum Pontificum, and Justin Bieber is now the fad. :D We really can't help you of your pre-70's Beatles nostalgia. "It's impossible to do that if you don't understand the language" Mr. Paul, stop "giving peace a chance". Instead, give cyberspace a chance, give google translate a chance Mr. Paul. People of the New Millennium aren't as dumb as those hippies back in the 60's who can't even learn Latin. Mr. Paul, I'm also "...old enough to remember what we had before". And I know all the theological reasons why Pope Benedict XVI had it changed e.g. Summorum Pontificum, New Translation of the Missal. You guys are so outdated, enough with the Beatles and Paul Anka. Hello, Justin Bieber, google translate, and Pope Benedict XVI. Come on Mr. Paul, give cyberspace a chance, give pdf a chance. :P

  3. I know that my comment maybe late, but I can't help but notice his reactions on your posts. Just the mere fact that he said that "we exercise our Priesthood" is for me a huge error. In the mass, it is the priestly office of Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and Man, which is exercised. Such statements would automatically mean that the mass is centered on the priest and the ministers, which I find very erroneous.

    Further more, though the New Age mass does promote active participation from the congregation, we also tend to forget what was said in the Sacrosanctum Concilium prior to the word "active". The Constitution also mentioned fully conscious participation. I certainly believe that the new age makes people seem robotic in terms of gestures rather than being fully conscious of what is happening and because of this, it became a gateway for numerous liturgical abuses. A combination of both would be great for me.

    Summorum Pontificum is perfectly legal, whether you like it or not. Is it Nostalgia? Perhaps. But more than that, it is Fidelity. Fidelity to the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ. "The first the degree of Humility is obedience without delay" The rule of St. Benedict.

    With that, I wish the pinoy catholic blog site all the best. God Bless you!

  4. Sorry for the late comment. I can't help but notice the reactions made against your love for the traditional latin mass. The mere fact that he said "at the mass we exercise our priesthood" is something I find very erroneous. It is the priestly office of Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and Man, which is exercised, not his. And to say such a thing would mean that the priest, rather the Christ, would be the center of the eucharist. Which is why, base on that argument, I would totally disagree.

    Though the new age mass indeed allows people to actively participate, we tend to forget what was written in the Sacrosanctum Concilium prior to the word "active", which is "fully conscious". The new age mass has somehow made us act like robots in terms of our gestures in the mass. And as a result, it has also become a gateway for liturgical abuses.

    Summorum Pontificum is perfectly legal. There is nothing wrong in celebrating the Tridentine Mass. Is it Nostalgia? Perhaps. But more importantly, it is fidelity. Fidelity to Mother Church and to the Holy Father, the succesor of Peter and Vicar of Christ. That I think is what is lacking in us catholics today.

    With this, I wish the writer of the pinoy catholic all the best. And may God continue to bless you. Ut inimícos sanctæ Ecclésiæ humiliare dignéris. Te rogamus, audi nos.

    "The first degree of humility is obedience, without delay." Rule of St. Benedict