Monday, August 1, 2011

Find the liberals!

I have a simple game for you folks!

Find the liberals and dissidents in the list of faculty members of the...(drum roll please!)


If you regularly read the blog, you'll get a lot of names in there.

Look for the names in the LST faculty list here.

A week after this post, I will give the names of these liberals and what they "advocate".  I may not get all of them, but hey I know a good sampling of those in the list!

And most of it, you do not hear in the streets or in your churches. But their venom is spread through their students, seminarians and nuns and future lay theologians.

So what do you get in return?

This one!

(When are they going to serve the roast pig?  Ha!)

So happy scouting!

And bring a bottle of Holy Water with you just for good measure.



  1. I Found the Names of Frs. Diwa,Genilo,Francisco,and Ofario. As well as Bishop Chito Tagle.

    OOOOPS...Ofario is NOT a Heritic,He even Celebrates the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.


    P.S Not One of Them Came from The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross or The University of Navarre(These are Universities with Pro-Pope and Pro-Magisterium Dean and Professors who Lead Their Respective Theological Faculties,That's Why they Have More Students and Two Popes Praised Opus Dei for It's Fidelity to their Authority. HA!)

  2. The name of Fr GD gives me Goosebumps LOL :))