Friday, August 19, 2011

Anti-Catholic bigots harass WYD pilgrims

From the Philippine Star


MANILA, Philippines - The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines today reported that several Filipino delegates were harassed by anti-Catholic protesters in separate incidents during the World Youth Day (WYD) in Madrid.

Fr. Ransom Rapirap, a cluster head handling eight sub-groups under the official Philippine delegation, narrated how a Spanish man, who obviously recognized them to be WYD delegates, shouted profanities at him and Jan Dell Posion, another Pinoy delegate, while they were asking directions from a pharmacist yesterday morning in a neighborhood in Alcorcón[Spanish hospitality?  I don't think so.  The "WYD pilgrim" thing gave them away.]

"Suddenly he wanted to cross the street but he was already shouting towards us… The tone of his voice and the expression of his body. Parang (He looked as if) he wanted to crush you," Rapirap added.

Posion, a member of the media team covering the Philippine delegation, shared that though the incident was shocking in itself, it may point to a more startling reality[True right you are!]

“Di ko lang lubos maisip na sila ‘yung nagdala ng Christianity sa’tin, pero bakit ngayon andami ng anti-Catholics? Ano kaya ang nangyari? (I just cannot fathom that they brought Christianity to us, but why are there so many anti-Catholic Spanish people now? What happened?”[It's called secularism, no thanks to Catholic theologians who thought Modernism.  Oh, yes folks, it all began there!]

JC Perez, a Jesuit novice who came to Madrid under the Archdiocese of Manila, had a more direct confrontation with the anti-Catholic, anti-Pope protesters.  [Mah favorite society!]

Perez was chanting together with other delegates, as they are known to do in public places in Madrid, particularly in train stations, when the protesters met them with derogatory chants, seemingly in an effort to provoke them.

In another incident, two more Filpinos who came as delegates of Dubai, Chris Asero, 28, and Rome Jarlego, 27, were walking along Sol, Madrid on August 17 when they encountered protesters harassing some Italian, German and French delegates who were chanting in unison.

"May mga nagmumura na. ‘Yung mga placards nila talagang derogatory (Some were already cursing. Their placards were really derogatory)," Asero added.  [I think the Filipino Freethinkers organized this, no?  Ha!]

In an interview, Jarlego and Asero estimated that around 3,000 protesters were present at that time, answering the WYD delegates’ with anti-Catholic chants of their own.

According to Jarlego, the protesters were against government spending for the WYD. [Was it for WYD or for the Pope's visit?  Remember that the Pope is a Head of State and Head of Government!]

They advocated, instead that countries like Somalia be given aid or even Spain itself which is in the middle of an economic slow-down like the rest of Europe[Why don't we tell the Hollywood and sports celebrities to stop spending as if others are not wanting?  Let's start with that.  Or maybe ask these demonstrators what they had given to the poor of Madrid!  Now, that is something I would like to blog.]

Asero said that the protesters are unaware that the Spanish government did not fund the WYD, but that each delegate had to shell out a US$500-registration fee for the week-long event[Idjit.]

He also added that the WYD would actually benefit Spain, "Sa pag-buhos ng mga turista sa bansa nito..Malaking bagay na ‘to sa economy nila, sa tourism. (With the arrival of tourists in their country…It will be a big boost to their economy, to tourism.)


Because they call themselves FREETHINKERS, right Red Tani?

And because they are free to think, like any atheist I talked with, they devote only their energy and time against Catholicism ONLY.  Not against Protestanism....not against Evangelicals....not against Hindus....not against Buddhists...JUST AGAINST CATHOLICS.

Why don't you try this group?

Are you really thinking?

Guess they are.  Because these chickens and ball-less jokes know that they'll lose another part of their body if they do so.

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  1. As a Catholic from Malaysia, I share with you my dismay when I learned of those sodomites who tried to crash the party, but failed.

    God knows what to do with those sodomites.