Monday, July 4, 2011

Where to buy REAL CATHOLIC books

Sure you won't find anything about Nature Spirituality, Enneagram, Inner Child hockum, Liturgical Mumbo Jumbo, Charismagic books of Pentecostals.

Catechism, writings of the Saints, of the Fathers of the Church and other Traddy stuff are your staple in these bookstores!

Guaranteed books and other media are SAFE and ENRICHING FOR YOUR SOUL!

100% MODERNISM FREE!!!  :)


  1. I Agree with You 100%!!!!

    However I have To Content Myself with Buying Books from St Pauls and Other Stores For Now.(Sigh,Because Most of The Books In the above-mentioned stores are expensive)

    I Just Discovered Fr Arellano's Books at Don Bosco Parish,Makati.

    Also,One of Fr Chupungco's Books is Found at Totus!!!

    You Can Find Sinag-Tala Books in UA&P!!!! Hoooooorrraaaaaay!!!(Ground Floor,Below the Oratory)

  2. I am going to agree with Josemaria, though i myself look first if the Book is Orthodox in view or a Heterodox one, most of them are rampant in St Pauls