Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The vehicle Archbishop Quevedo of Cotabato got from PCSO

The officials of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and the spokesmen of Pres. Aquino call it "Mitsubishi Pajero".  The vehicle shown here is being used by the Archdiocese to help Muslim and Christian residents of the city who were affected by the massive flooding caused by water hyacinths clogging the Rio Grande de Mindanao.  It was used to give potable water to the residents.

And the ilk of Carlita Celdran and the Filipino FreeDumbers and Catholic-bashing-atheists (who turned atheists to look smart) call these vehicles "luxury vehicles".

Was I living under a rock for a while and I did not realize that Mitsubishi motors released a van named Pajero?  And when was riding in a van a luxury?

PCSO and presidential spokesmen...bunch of idiots.

Carlita..FreeDumbers...atheists, pray to your Almighty Brain.  Oh, it cannot answer you!  It just had a massive hemorrhage trying to think which is which.

Philippine Daily Inquirer...still collecting PR checks.

Damn you!


Say what did those bishop bashing Carlita and the FreeDumbers and atheists did during the time the people of Cotabato were suffering?

Carlita some said was "homo-ing" in Canada.

Wow!  Great service!

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  1. Heard from the news that our beloved bishops' issue is now closed, somehow. Sen. Santiago said that the bishops receiving vehicles from PCSO does not break the law or constitution and anyway, and that the case "is an outrage" to the functions of the Philippine Senate.