Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GULP Exam: Tons of Spot the Not

I'll leave the ranting to you guys.


And to think that the priest here is the Diocesan Chancellor and the Diocesan MC!

Anyone who knows this priest can identify him.

I'll leave it up to you guys.

But this time, this exam would need to have you identifying the actual liturgical norm in the Church that this priest violated.

State it in your post or I'll think twice before I publish your comment.

I need to see if you learned.

Can't help it.  Teacher!


PS:  This happened in a Youth Rally or Mass or whatever in a Visayan City.  Thanks keb!


  1. Dancing teenagers, girl altar servers...

    Blue (?) surplices?!

  2. Liturgical dancers, violet surplices, violet processional candles, altar girls, 2 persons blocking the procession and the other guy is not following the dress code, and the priest is not at the end of the procession, in other words, a jumbled procession.

  3. Surplice must be in White??!!! This latest post of yours is a follow up of that other Bastardization in the Surplice which is in Mocha!!!

  4. Why is the priest walking to the altar with altar girls and candles? Shouldn't the altar girls (presuming the local ordinary allows thus per Vatican ruling) walk before the priest?