Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another fake priest

From CBCP News.


AN official of the Catholic Diocese of Parañaque has warned the public against a fake priest who is duping people by soliciting funds.

The diocese identified the impostor as Joseph Sorongon, who introduces himself as Jose Estacio Juntoria and Fr. Vincent Mary, O. Carm.

The warning was issued recently based on a circular to the diocese’s priests, rectors, chaplains and the faithful by their vice chancellor, Msgr. Benedicto Aquino.

“Please be informed that Mr. Joseph Sorongon is a fraud and imposter and that he has been victimizing unsuspecting parishioners staying in their homes,” Aquino said.

The church official said Sorongon has already been complained about last year.

The diocese made the warning again after a Parañaque resident has complained to the Chancery that the said person has defrauded them of a large amount of money.

Aquino also called on the faithful to ask for a “celebret” or certificate of ordination to determine whether the priest they are dealing with is fake or not.

A “celebret” is a testimonial given to a priest when traveling that he is in good standing, with the accompanying request that he be permitted to say Mass.


The Circular from the Diocese can be viewed here.

When will we ever learn?

These nut jobs from other sects may also pose as a Roman Catholic priest!

And at the end of the day, it is just about the money.

Right, Mark?

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  1. Some clerics of a "catholic" denomination that look more respectable than many Roman Catholic priests (since the always wear their Roman collars) are sometimes are given permission to say Mass in Catholic churches where they take the Mass offerings!

    And this is so true during "undas" where these itinerant "clergy" go to each tomb and "bless" the departed and their families, offer prayers and sometimes say "Mass" all for a decent donation!

    Thus I know of one Catholic bishop that required his priests to wear their laminated celebrets like a giant ID!

    But the problem is we Pinoys don't have the practice of automatically asking a stranger priest for his celebret. We are just to trusting and deferential to men of the cloth. In other countries, Catholicsand Anglicans ask for a "licence" from the new clergy from their bishops when they ask to minister to another diocese.