Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This was actually for Ateneo

I wish, but it looks like it, don't you think?


  1. Mr Pinoy Catholic, the university you wish were that is not YET populated by atheists but at the rate it is going, it may end up producing atheists. Not a few students I know have ended up becoming that after surviving the required Theology courses in the school's core program! However, having taught there in the past, I noticed that there isn't much spirituality amongst many of the students. At UP I believe there are more students who value faith even if the atheists are an eccentric but tolerated crowd there.

    The salvation of the Blue Eagles is only with Blue Eagles themselves. One Blue Eagle alum who is a member of the Anglican Use Society says if there are just students who value their Faith (like the ND 88) and hit it where it counts (the donors!) then that would knock some sense in the University and even with more importantly, the faculty!

  2. Well some of the most rabidly anti-Catholic atheists and Wiccan out there were either alums or workers of that University Doc Ben. And yes, I have friends whose faith was shaken to the core almost becoming atheist after getting their minor subject in Theology.