Thursday, June 2, 2011

St. Luke's Medical Center is pro-RH?!?!?

I got a disturbing news that ST. LUKE'S MEDICAL CENTER will hold Pro-RH Conference?

Here is the text that I got:
"Let's listen together towards understanding the RH Bill tomorrow Friday 3-5pm @ the 2nd Fl. Conference Room St. Luke's QC. Guest Speaker Congresswoman Dra. J. Garin, one of the authors/sponsors of the bill. Tomorrow's special forum is sponsored by OBGyn Dept. everyone is invited.:)"

Would you think this will be a balanced discussion of the Bill when you get a doctor who happens to be a legislator who acts dumb or plays dumb about the health threats of using contraceptives?

Is the Episcopalian hospital Pro-RH?  Uhm...Leah Salonga is their endorser...

Doc Ben...


  1. St Luke's is of course "Episcopalian". Ask any Episcopalian with a CHRISTIAN CONSCIENCE! :) One of my childhood friends from the ECP told me that Bishop Brent would roll over in his grave if he learns how much it costs for someone to get treated there!