Thursday, June 30, 2011

GULP Exam: What are the wrong things here?

Liturgically that is. You can also point out the good things.

This is the 2011 Chrism Mass of the Cagayan de Oro Archdiocese.

Chime in your answers.

Kudos to keb_17 for the tip!


  1. the bishop consecrated the oil? Why did he bless the oil at the Eucharistic prayer? And he dare to place it beside the Holy Eucharist.. wait! did he put it on the corporal? OMG!

  2. Guess... :)
    -There is something lacking at the vestment of the archbishop.
    -try to look at the altar.

    @Pandz that's right I was surprised in seeing it quite bad...

  3. First, he wear no pallium....
    Second, one incense should be used.
    Third, he wear no zuchetto.
    Fourth, he doesnt wear alb or even his cassock.
    Fifth, no candles on the altar.
    Sixth, where is his throne?!?

  4. Some altar servers are also wearing black cassocks with a clerical rabbat since they are seminarians.
    But I'm just wondering why during the singing of the gloria the 3 thurifers goes to the altar and swings the thurible until the singing is finished.