Saturday, June 11, 2011

The EF enriches the OF

That is the wish of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, that the two forms of the same Roman Rite mutually enrich each other.

We have seen it before here in The Pinoy Catholic how Pinoy bishops and priests celebrate the Mass more reverently and more faithfully to the set rules and rubrics that Holy Mother Church set for us.

Here are more examples:

The priest celebrant is Rev. Fr. Dominic Maria Lim, OFM Conv., Rector of St. Maximilian Kolbe Seminary, who is also a TLM priest celebrant and Director of TLM Training Program of Societas LSSG St. Maximilian Kolbe Seminary. He wore a silk Spanish Gothic chasuble for the celebration.

Server kisses the cruets and hands of the priest during the pouring of the wine and water into the chalice.  This is not in the Novus Ordo rubrics but is a nice addition to the rite.  Not like those tambourine jugglers in SM Megamall!

Hand clasped, head bowed...this is the proper posture.  And notice the Benedictine Altar arrangement.  No candles on the floor!  Take note!  If someone you know celebrates the EF Mass and then insists on putting candles on the floor and the crucifix on the side of the altar and NOT on the altar (how legal that may be since it is in the GIRM) why not opt for the best option?  Makes me wonder what the EF Mass is all about for them.  Obviously, it is not enriching the person.
Priest and server genuflects as they leave the sanctuary.  This is not an exclusively EF Mass rubric folks, but this is THE NORM whenever a priest and those who assisted at Mass are leaving the sanctuary after the Holy Sacrifice has been offered.  The genuflect is towards the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle.  If the Blessed Sacrament is reserved some place else, then a profound bow is then made.

Have you seen those things done in your chapels?  In your churches?

Grab a camera.  It would be like the aurora borealis.  So rare!


  1. Don't forget that the OF can enrich the EF through the readings in the lectionary.

  2. Gold enriches an alloy, so that 9 carat gold becomes 18 carat gold if you add more gold. The question is: why bother with alloys when you already have and are commanded to use only pure gold?
    "And both the bowls and the branches shall be of the same beaten work of the purest gold."(Exodus 25:36)