Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beth Angsioco, pro-RH...pure evil!

"Calling the unborn a child to me is going beyond what the Constitution provides." -  Beth Angsioco

For Angsioco, the unborn has no rights.

For Angsioco, you have to be born to have rights.

For Angsioco, the Constitution does not protect the unborn.

For her, a fertilized ovum is not a human being.  For her it is just a blood clot.  For her it does not have any right to live.  Simply put, she does not care about Constitution.  Hell, she does not even care if you kill a day old ovum!

After this, I can conclude that Angsioco is an IDIOT and LUCIFER IN THE FLESH!

If she can advocate the killing of a helpless one day old human being in the safety confines of the womb, what's to stop her from killing you and me?

For her, it's all about what she wants!

Spoiled b!@#$%^

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  1. Who was it who said that when a woman is too scholarly, there is usually something wrong with her genitals?