Friday, June 3, 2011

Ad orientem worship is ok!

Surprisingly a secular media like NBC features the pope and wants a somewhat trivial thing like a day in the life of the Supreme Pontiff to be featured. But hey, not everybody sees what the Pope does everyday, right?

And have you noticed?

The Pope celebrates Mass ad Deum. He turns his back to the people assisting him, and turns toward the altar at the time in the Mass when he converses directly with the Lord.

The Pope is telling us that this is ok!

More ok than dancing and clapping!

I am really really surprised that there are bishops and liturgists who are against AD ORIENTEM worship no matter how noble, how sublime, how "more of a worship" it is
compared to ad populum worship that looks more like a cooking show or an entertainment program.

I am just saying...

Why prevent it when it is all legal and ok, just like what the Pope is doing?


  1. So, for you, the Novus Ordo should not be celebrated?

  2. Nothing wrong about Ad orientem! The Vatican II reforms made us look at the face of the priest rather than on the Christ. This is human nature, but in the old way of celebrating Mass, we look at the face of Christ on the Cross!

  3. Nope Ian. That is not what I said. What I meant was for bishop's to allow priests who want to celebrate the Novus Ordo, ad orientem, since there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.