Monday, May 16, 2011

Interesting notes about Universae Ecclesiae

I have received a lot of emails about the Instruction about Summorum Pontificum, "Universae Ecclesiae".

I have read it and think it is spot on.  But like the great Fr. Z, I found some provisions of the Instruction having, I think, a teeny-beeny pinholes where liberals can still squeeze in a little dissent, like the following:

20. With respect to the question of the necessary requirements for a priest to be held idoneus (“qualified”) to celebrate in the forma extraordinaria, the following is hereby stated: ...

b. Regarding the use of the Latin language, a basic knowledge is necessary, allowing the priest to pronounce the words correctly and understand their meaning.  [The dissenters might say that some priests know how to pronounce Latin but do not know the meaning of the words.  Think crazy but these dissenters might even set up a "screening process" to know who indeed has 'basic knowledge'.  A bit paranoid, no?]

21. Ordinaries are asked to offer their clergy the possibility of acquiring adequate preparation for celebrations in the forma extraordinaria. This applies also to Seminaries, where future priests should be given proper formation, including study of Latin and, where pastoral needs suggest it, the opportunity to learn the forma extraordinaria of the Roman Rite. [A more forceful term should have been used like: Ordinaries must ensure to set-up a program to train their clergy in the forma extraordinaria.  That'll leave no room for: "But, eh...the Instruction says we "are asked" not required.  'Where pastoral need suggests it" is a loophole and an excuse for liturgical dissenters to say that the diocese's pastoral need does not suggest it.  Because most bishop's see as their "pastoral need" is more "animated liturgy".   You know, stuff like that.]


There are a ton of useful notes about Universae Ecclesiae over at WDTPRS.

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  1. Actually the Instruction puts it as policy that the New Mass will enrich the Old Mass. The Instruction is really a Vatican II moment!