Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dissidents are pissed

The liturgical dissident blog Pray Tell of that cry baby Benedictine has posted this report about reactions to Universae Ecclesiae


The German Bishops’ Conference declared that the Instruction contains “no fundamental innovations”; [uhm, it does.] furthermore, interest in the old Mass in Germany is slim. [sure about it?  If then, why not have one EF Mass at every parish and have every priest and seminarian get a training.] The secretary of the German Bishops’ Conference, Hans Langendörfer, emphasized that the document would have no great effect upon church practice. At the present time, the old Mass is celebrated in only 128 places in Germany out of 11,383 parishes.  [yeah, right.  Then why be troubled?]

Professor Helmut Hoping of the University of Freiburg praised the new document. Much is clarified that was previously unclear. He expects that the old form of the Mass will now be celebrated more frequently in those 150 places where it has been celebrated up until now.  [Precisely!  Priests are afraid to openly celebrate the EF Mass because their bishops are silently dissenting against the pope and have their sights against the traddies.]

Benedikt Kranemann, chairman of the Association of Catholic Liturgists, (Arbeitsgemeinschaft katholischer Liturgiewissenschaftler), lamented that the criticism from bishops’ conferences and theologians of the introduction of two parallel forms of the liturgy was “not taken into account at all.” [Yes it was.  You were just not reading it or you do not care at all.]  The document misses the real problems of the church in Germany. “What is really important to the majority of people doesn’t even appear in this discussion.”  [Uhm.  Wrong topic!  On second thought, it really does!  Returning the sense of the sacred?  Ring a bell?]

The traditionalist Society of St. Pius the X greeted the paper: Benedict has placed “necessary reins on the arbitrary suppression” of the rules by many bishops. [Which I agree.  Remember what the Archdiocese of Manila did for blatantly regulating the implementation of Summorum Pontificum?]

Bishop Friedrich Weber, delegate for Catholic affairs of the Lutheran Church in Germany, expressed criticism. From the evangelical Lutheran viewpoint, [as if it matters!  Remember that these heretics despise the EF Mass because this very Mass expresses what they do not believe in!]  comprehensibility is an essential criterion. When the liturgy is incomprehensible, it become nothing but an external performance and no longer fulfills the urgent requirement of engaged participation.  [Speaking like the honorary Lutheran I know.  Ha!  And the "comprehensible", like what we suffered for the last 40 years was not an "external performance and fulfills the urgent requirement of engaged participation"!  No wonder a lot of great saints were nourished by THAT incomprehensible liturgy and it did not engage them.  Really?  Puh-leaazzze!]


After UE, next work for the pope I guess is to clean up the mess these dissidents.

No not their mess.

The dissidents themselves.

First example is that neck tie wearing Australian pro women's ordination, general absolution bishop.

It is a sign that dissidents will be treated the way they are supposed to be treated!

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