Friday, April 1, 2011

The reform of the reform reaches Davao!

Davao, one of the best places in the Philippines that I love to go to!

Here is the BEFORE photo of the sanctuary of the Davao Metropolitan Cathedral.

And now look at this...

Yup, folks.  I too was dumbfounded when I saw this.  And I am pretty sure the liberal Caucasian missionaries in Davao would be wincing in pain at seeing a retablo rising again.

Here is the archbishop, Most. Rev. Fernando Capalla, seated on his throne.

And here is a view of the retablo and the cathedra.  The archbishop is kneeling for the Litany of the Saints.  This is for the ordination of six deacons of the archdiocese.  Take note!  He is wearing the pallium!  Take note!  I guess you can recall why I point this out because I had been blogging about an archbishop who ordains his clergy without wearing the pallium.  No folks, it does not effect the sacrament.  I am just wondering why he is not wearing it when he is performing a function as a metropolitan. Well, anyways...

Thanks to the Latin Mass Society of Davao for the photos.

Yup, the Latin Mass has regained a new following in Davao.  And guess where it will be held..

St. Francis Xavier Pre-College Seminary
Ulas, Davao City
Saturday, April 9 · 5:00pm - 6:30pm



No seriously guys.  This is no April Fool's joke...

And you don't need the Instruction on Summorum Pontificum to have this!

Is Manila following?

Guess we need an ad limina every year, eh?



I hope the Latin Mass Society of Davao regularly updates us with their schedule. AND EVEN SHARE THE IMPRESSION OF THE PRIESTS AND SEMINARIANS WHO EITHER OFFERED OR ASSISTED IN THE MASS!

God bless you!


PS:  Which of the two church art lifts your hearts and minds to God?  Hmmm?


  1. And that is not all. The Latin Mass Society of Davao is making their presence felt in Facebook. It is a good way of reaching out to the youth. Here is their Facebook page:

  2. Wow! Thank you for featuring us! I made the Page and I'm one of the Admins. I've been following this blog for almost a year and now a work of mine is featured! Maybe it'll be featured in Fr. Z's blog someday, too! Haha Anyway, we're just starting from small steps. The good archbishop is optimistic with our cause but he told us to be patient with his priests because their Latin is very stale. There is much much work that is needed to be done here but with St. Joseph's intercession we can do it and we are serious in restoring the true sanctity and beauty of the Mass and the Sacraments. We'll keep you all updated.
    +Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam. -TLMSDavao

  3. The Baroque idiom doesn't match the architectural theme of the Davao cathedral. To me it is an aberration. I have seen this in many Pinoy churches that were constructed after Vatican II. Baroque (or Gothic for that matter!) cannot always be equated with the intentions of Benedict's reform of the reform.

    I am sure that there are ways that modern churches can be made to fit Benedict's idea of returning to Tradition by expressing in modern idioms, authentic Tradition. A beautiful example is the Church of the Holy Sacrifice at UP. Also there is this trendy post Vatican II parish church in the US where the congregation decided to completely remodel the modernist church into Romanesque. They did not stick a Romanesque altar onto a modernist church. That would have been an eyesore.

    At the UP parish church, there had been moves to make it Baroque (which should have been a cultural disaster of great magnitude!). But the Good Lord intervened and that didn't happen. Thank God the church is now a national cultural treasure!

  4. But what would you want Doc Ben? You cannot put a more traditional looking retablo into a modern looking church.

    San Pedro Cathedral is one.

    The auditorium style church leaves no room for more traditional and if I may say, more reverent form of architecture.

    And I am no fan of the UP Catholic Church.

  5. The UP Catholic Church is one of the UGLIEST churches I have ever seen.

  6. And yet Holy Sacrifice is pre Vatican II and Cardinal Santos consecrated it using the Latin liturgy!

    This is the thing with post Vatican II throwing around sacred architecture. The salvation of the post Vatican II churches in the Philippines lie in looking at some modern looking Anglican churches which have preserved some traditional elements even if they were modernist. An example here in the Philippines are St Mary and St John and much better is St Andrew's. Resurrection Anglican Cathedral in Baguio is more acceptable for the EF. It has the tabernacle right at the middle of the High Altar. Also check out the Benedictine arrangement of candles! This is an Anglo-Catholic requirement!

    Check this pic of a Pinoy Anglican high altar

    It even has the three steps to the altar required in the traditional Mass!

    Our Anglican brethren hath preserved the old tradition we Roman Catholics casually threw out!
    But I do have a problem with neo-Baroque as we express it here. Baroque and Gothic are good for the EF but are not that good for the OF! The church near Mall of Asia is neo-Baroque, but it is the irritating Novus Ordo Baroque! The High Altar is not stuck to the reredos and the Tabernacle is not at the center of the High Altar!

    If TLM Catholics were to celebrate the EF at our Anglican Churches as the TLM Catholics in England recently did in York, they would find that there is no need to reorder much these Anglican churches as compared to the post Vatican II ones.

    But I'm no fan of modernist churches really. If money was no object, we should demolish them, save the artworks and build a more traditional church!

  7. after this, we will see also adopting the Benedictine Altar Arrangement, altar servers in black cassocks, female readers wearing veils, altar servers staying from the start of Roman Canon until great amen, communion by the toungue while kneeling, etc in the Archdiocese of Davao