Monday, April 11, 2011

GULP Alert: EF Mass or something kinda...

You know...

I got this email from regular TPC reader, Jared about an "EF Mass". Here is his letter and the photos he submitted, with my usual dose of emphasis and comments.

I would like the inform you that during the parochial celebration of the conclusion of the Archdiocese of Lipa's centennial celebration [Created as a diocese in April 1910 by St. Pius X] the Parish of the Immaculate Conception in Bauan, Batangas celebrated the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. A photo of it is attached to this. [I almost clicked the photos to see them, but wait!  I had to read the rest of Jared's email.]

I am not actually sure if it was a real Mass in the Extraordinary Form since it was unusual for me to see the priests wearing the white cassock and not using the biretta during the celebration. [We can let this pass actually.] I was also confused when I saw that during the entrance procession the priests who are not celebrants were there together with Lay Ministers/Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. [Together?  What do you mean by that?] If I am not mistaken con-celebration is not allowed, [Yup!] same is true with the use of EMHCs because only the priests give communion. [YUP! YUP!  YUP!] I also saw a picture of a priest who assisted in the distribution of communion but he wasn't in the sanctuary; I assume he was walking around distributing communion just like in the Novus Ordo. Please do note that the said Church is an old one thus it has the communion rail which was in use sometime in the past though the Mass was in the Novus Ordo.  [Was the communion rail even used during the Mass?]


So after reading Jared's email, I decided to look at the picture to see for myself what really went on.

Wow!  That's a bunch of nuns.  Women in mantilla
Hmmm... Roman chasuble....Priests wearing overlay stoles.

SRO church!
This is a nice touch!  The priest used the old pulpit to preach his sermon!

Spot more of the not...
Other than the last one.  There is still more.

Keep your eyes open.

I have to stop this post.

My eyes are bleeding after that last photo!

Thanks Jared!

For the email and the photos...not the eye irritant.  :)


  1. EF Mass with communicants receiving in the hand? Noooooooooooo!

    BTW, I feel that even in the more traditional parishes who celebrate the Mass in the OF, those of us who receive it in the tongue are views as odd! I also feel that the hosts now used are no longer made to be received on the tongue.

    That is indeed very Protestant. The Protestants have no problem with that since their communion bread is truly bread and only is bread.

    Not for me. The Host is Jesus Christ in his humanity and Divinity, truly with us even if He appears to me as just bread alone.

  2. this really an EF Mass or a Novus Ordo Mass masquerading as an EF Mass? The last picture is indeed appalling. Very bad.

  3. i think OF ng mass to. . pero yung ginagmit na vestment ng pari ay mula sa EF na mass. . kaya medio confuse tayo ..

  4. My step-father, who recently passed-away, was interned in Bauan, Batangas. His family and mine are from there. I suddenly remembered your post, on the Traditional Mass being celebrated at the parish church, because his family and I decided to offer the Requiem rites according to the Extraordinary Form. This is maybe the first, to be offered since the 70s.