Friday, April 15, 2011

Documentary about Pinoy Exorcists

Here is the teaser trailer.

Watch it on Good Friday, April 22 at 4PM on ABS-CBN.

The video was produced by JesCom.


And I was surprised to see one of our fave blog topics to be even there. I was hoping that the clerics speaking would just be exorcist and not those who just, you know, speak!

Anywho, give my regards to JesCom for even considering to do a video about demonic possessions and the work of Pinoy exorcists and for ABS-CBN for airing this.

The devil does exist as a real being and not just a metaphor of the ills of society.

Will those who believe in this, please stand up?

Sit down MST and SVT!

You too Euntes!

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