Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bordering on stupidity

From the Mindanao Daily Mirror


Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte yesterday said he supports Mayor Sara Duterte’s [his daughter] proposal to craft a “condom ordinance” to allow the city to avail itself of a grant for free condoms.

In his television program “Ato ni Bai,” Duterte promised that the ordinance would be passed by the City Council soon.

Sara had proposed the condom ordinance after a certain organization offered the city a grant to provide condoms to the City Health Office (CHO). [Really? And that might be?  PP?]

The mayor said the only requirement is that an ordinance be passed that would allow the city to avail itself of the grant. [And somebody ought to challenge the legality of the ordinance!]

Like Sara, the vice mayor said he does not care if the Catholic Church reacts negatively to the proposed ordinance. [Because this guy is a murderous womanizer!  Go ask Davaoenos!]

I only obey God. I don’t obey religion especially on matters bordering on stupidity,” he said. [And who are His representatives on earth?  Well, it depends on Mr. Duterte since even if he calls himself "Catholic" he sticks closer to a guy who founded a church and calls himself the "Anointed Son of God."  Yup.  The Philippines is not short of wackos.]

I do not need any church, any sect, any faith to tell me what is good for the people,” he added. [Oh really?  Tell that to the "Appointed Son of God.]


A womanizer calls the stand of the Catholic Church against contraceptives bordering on stupidity...

...because he listens to the counsel of a man who claims to be the Son of God.

Now, which borders on UTTER STUPIDITY and plain BRAINLESSNESS, huh?

Calling Archbishop Capalla!

Please speak up.

The good archbishop was very outspoken during his terms as president of the CBCP and is still active in interreligious dialogue with the Muslims.

Just saying...

Please speak up.

Latin Mass Society of Davao, can you please help us on this one?

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