Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Word Games

No it's not Boggle nor about Scrabble.

It's about the semantics game the agents of death are working.

They renamed the RH Bill, the Responsible Parenthood Bill.


How can it be responsible and anything close to parenthood when the law will give access to unmarried people, probably majority of them still in schools, to artificial contraceptives!

Good grief!

Money does talk!

Remember that one of the first bishops of the Church, whom Christ Himself has chosen, chose to betray the Savior for 30 pieces of silver.

What makes you think these lawmakers really think more about teaching Filipinos responsible parenting and less about the commissions?

What profit does it gain a man if he gains the whole world...


  1. Oh yes yes, these Baby Killers have been playing this game for a long time now. Destroying the language to suit their own purpose. They call the game POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

    Now, Planned Parenthood and all its local allies are playing that game here.


    At the same time, Aquino said that "artificial contraception was a matter of choice and conscience and that health professionals who fool people into using artificial contraceptives should be penalized. As a Catholic, Aquino said he himself was not promoting artificial contraception but believes that the government should be able to provide it to Filipinos who ask for it." Aquino stressed: "I’m a Catholic, I’m not promoting it. My position is more aptly called responsible parenthood rather than reproductive health."[18]

    Well we know that Reproductive Health has been renamed to the more paliatable Responsible Parenthood. What does responsible parenthood have to do with 13 year old going to the local Sari Sari store for pills or even having them handed out at school? What does this have to do with parenthood.

    Make no mistake about it. The main reason that Planned Parenthood is in the Philippines is to do abortions.

    Planned Parenthood seems to be operating in the shadows using elected politicians to do their evil. Please shine a light on them so everyone can be horrified at the monster that is standing in the Philippines.

    If the Roman Catholic church falls in the Philippines, this would be a great tragedy for the Philippines and also for the whole faith in the world as well. Please fight this evil!