Friday, March 4, 2011

University of the Philippines professors join war against contraception!

Read it all about here.

Very educational!  Thanks to my FB friends for sharing this.

And you thought UP is filled with atheists, communists and anti-Catholics!

Not really!  Some of my closest friends from UP are actually more devout and more faithful to the Pope and the bishops than those who came from Ateneo, La Salle and Adamson Universities!

Oh yes, it's true.

And most are traditional.


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  1. No, the UP is filled with religious people. The Anglican Use Society Philippines has most members coming for this public university. The fact that it is secular allows for an anti-RH bill symposium to be held. Now is that possible in Ateneo?

    My class produced at least 5 religious vocations! One Catholic priest, an Aglipayan priest, an Episcopalian priest, one contemplative nun, and a sister with a religious institute. All these blessed men and women serve the poor and know what the condition poor mothers are in.

    Of course it would be difficult to count the laypeople who serve as extraordinary ministers, church wardens, catechists, counsellors, prayer facilitators and lay preachers!

    One thing binds them all. They attended the University of the Philippines!