Friday, March 11, 2011

Patron of the Pro-Life Movement

John-Paul Deddens of sent me an email requesting my dear TPC readers to pray the Novena to St. Joseph, foster father of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Patron of the Universal Church, starting today, March 11 ending on the saint's feast on March 19.

This is a timely request as St. Joseph obediently took our Blessed Mother for his wife after the angel instructed him to do so in a dream.  So to speak, he is the PATRON OF THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT as he protected the unborn Jesus from his fellow Jews who might subject the Virgin Mary to the severe penalty of death if She is discovered to be pregnant before they were married.

Go visit the website to pray the novena.

Click here to sign the petition.

Sign up and you'll get your novena prayers via email or you can also just copy the novena prayers.

Pray for the protection of Life!

Pray for the protection of Holy Mother Church!

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  1. May I also recommend the novena in honor of Bl. Margaret of Castello, O.P., patroness of the unwanted. Dwarfed, blind, crippled and hunchbacked, she was despised by her parents, who kept her imprisoned for most of her life and then abandoned her. During her short life, she attained such heights of sanctity that she was able to work miracles and to convert the most hardened sinners. She was also greatly devoted to St. Joseph at a time before devotion to him was widespread.

    Enlist Little Margaret's aid, too, in the war against this evil legislation!