Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Learn what happened to the USA and Europe!


  1. I live in Canada and believe me, this RH bill is probably one of the most draconian acts that I have witnessed against the church. Right up there with the Mexican Revolution and the communist persecutions of believers. As with the Mexican Revolution, I ponder if this attack is Masonic in origin.

    That Planned Parenthood (i.e. Murder Incorporated) is currently in the Philippines should raise the alarm. As the video in this site explained, this orgnanization was founded by racists who wanted to rid the population of peoples whom they judged undesirable (handicapped, mentally ill, poor people). Margaret Sanger also did not like the presence of Chinese immigrants in the United States (I would assume she also felt the same way about Pinoys. In Nazi Germany the Jews who worked with the Nazis to turn in their fellow Jews were called Kapos. Are the Pinoy politicians working with Planned Parenthood todays Kapos? Just as in Margaret Sanger's day in the early 20th century, Planned Parenthood's biggest enemy was and is the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

  2. On Real Catholic's YouTube page, Jazzy Jean posted the follwing. TPC, can you post this on your blog to help spread the Vortex videos regarding the RH bill to a wide audience?

    Let's use the new media to help stop these evil organizations and their Pinoy politician puppets.


    Note to subscribers: Please help the Philippines generate on twitter universe an awareness about Pro-life Philippine's OPPOSITION towards the approval of the RH Bill.Eitheir you put a hash tag everytime RH bill (e.g. #RH bill)is part of your tweet and/or put a hash tag when you tweet Real CAtholic Tv (#Real Catholic Tv) so that we can get a trend , a following , that may lead others to the website and hear Michael Voris' videos .