Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Davide vs. Hontiveros

From CBCP News


MANILA, March 27, 2011— Retired Chief Justice Hilario Davide has criticized a new television ad on the controversial reproductive health (RH) bill.

The ad showed former Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquiel presented the bill as “a chance” for families to have a better future.  [Does this woman really care for poor families or she is just out to gain from this campaigning?  She lost in the last elections.  Imagine that!]

Davide admitted he was disappointed by the content of the ad in a statement read by Court of Appeals (CA) Justice Reyes Jr. during a “Work for Life” [actually it is Walk not Work] in Manila on Saturday organized by the Knights of Columbus Philippines – Luzon Jurisdiction[reason why I was not blogging much this past days.]

The former Supreme Court chief and Reyes are senior officials of the K of C who led the protest march to raise their strong objection against the measure.

Davide said he was “deeply saddened, discouraged and troubled” by the advertisement shown on a commercial television reportedly sponsored by the RH bill lobby group Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD). [Agents of Planned Parenthood]

“In short, she (Baraquel) says that the RH bill provides the chance for a better future of a family or of a child, for a better health of the child, of the mother, etc.” Davide said.

I asked myself: Have we lost our faith and trust in God that we now would leave our future to chance,” he said.  [For a God-less society that Hontiveros wants, yes I guess so.]

At least 7,000 K of C members and their families participated in the rally carrying anti-RH bill placards and streamers from Intramuros to Rajah Sulayman Park in Malate where a program was also held.

A Mass was held first at the San Agustin Church where Davide was present but failed join the march and the program because he had to attend his grandchild’s graduation.

Davide also pointed that if the bill is passed, it would violate the first and most fundamental human right which the right to life.

The right to life begins with the right to life of the unborn and human mystery of Creation,” he said.  [Ask Dr. Esperanza Cabral and she'll tell you that it is the woman's right to choose that is important and not the right to live.]

Meanwhile, K of C Luzon spokesperson Arsenio Isidro Yap said that if the RH bill passes Congress, they might question its constitutionality before the SC.

“We see it as unconstitutional because for Congress life begins at implementation. [(sic.  It should be implantation.)] While in the Constitution, life begins at conception,” Yaps said.

“So there is a violation there…If they want to uphold that, they should change the Constitution first and define when life begins,” he said. [That is why the Catholic Church is also against any efforts to change the Constitution.]

Davide, meanwhile, called on his fellow “Knights” to exert all possible means to defeat “the forces that threaten the right to itself, especially the right of the unborn.”

At no other time than now must we walk, stand, fight, work and pray unceasingly with the courage, resources and might we could give and muster, for life,” he said.  [These so called human rights champions do not have any moral ascendancy to fight for another person's right if they cannot even give the chance for a 1 day old human being inside a woman's womb to be delivered into the world!]

Also present in the rally was Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and Alonso Tan, K of C Luzon State Deputy and Supreme Director.

The Knights of Columbus is a militant anti-abortion group composed of more than 280,000 members nationwide. (CBCPNews) [Not only anti-abortion, but anti-contraceptive as well!]

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