Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dare Number 2

The first one was against Humpty Dumpty which quite expectantly, he did not bite.

This one is about liturgy.

I really struck a nerve.

Apparently, I had been under the radar of the die-hard fans of the monk-liturgist.  You-Know-Who!

He or she has this for his motto:  That in all things, blogging included, God may be glorified!

Giveaway, right?

This blogger launched a diatribe against yours truly, labeling me as:
one K of C who can’t seem to distinguish between a sound theological argument and an ad hominem. [What has theological argument and ad hominem got to do with being a K of C?  Now who is playing the same ad hominem card?] As for the monk Fr. Anscar, he always labels him as “nutty,” [he is!] calling his passion for the liturgical vision of Vatican II a mere hatred of the extraordinary (Latin) mass [it is!  He really hates the Latin Mass.  He wrote the directive preventing it to be celebrated in the Manila Cathedral which Cardinal Rosales signed!  Did this blogger know about this.  Obviously not.] and sour-graping for not being consulted. [Not only that, he was booted out of Rome.  I guess he does not know that too!]  He attacks Episcopalian and Rome-graduate Fr. Maddela, for all his credentials and groundbreaking work in inculturated liturgy especially among indigenous communities, as having no right to teach at a Catholic theological school. [One of Fr. Maddela's credential is...  Oh, Carlos Celdran would be soooo happy if he knows!  Rainbow power!  Aww!] He spews personal attacks on professors and pedagogies at St. Vincent School of Theology. [A school that claims to be Catholic but is anything BUT Catholic deserves all the condemnation in the world!] He downplays the power of inculturation and liturgy, but rather rejoices on elaborate golden papal rings and cathedra. [I downplay the power of inculturation and liturgy?! Gasp! I must have slept for more than a month!]

And if that is not enough, look how "catholic" this nutty one is!
The Pinoy Catholic is quite an articulate advocate of the Missale Romanum; [I am?  I did not know that! Pinch me please! I must be in lala land!] adept in quoting the Church Fathers on “communion by mouth only”; [hmmm...somehow those open-closed quotes are not flattering.] professorial on the details of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.[professorial? But...but...I just pressed Ctrl C, then Ctrl V!] With the Reproductive Health Bill now contested again in the hall of Congress, The Pinoy Catholic is as fiery as an Islamic extremist. [You defend life and you are likened to those blood thirsty lunatics! Wow, the price of too much inculturation? HA!] One wonders if he is one paid lobbyist of the New Liturgical Movement for his bashing views![Wow! How I wish I have a dollar every time I get that!]

With fellow Catholics like that, who needs the Iglesia ni Cristo!

Fr. Anscar is a brilliant priest. He is. I once admired him. Once. But as soon as he assumed his "Liturgical Magisterium", if I may, by openly criticizing the Bishop of Rome, it was all downhill for me brother!


I dare the Fisher and the likes of him or her:

Show me in Sacrosanctum Concilium where the word inculturation appears!

Don't strain yourself. I'll answer it for you.


And now my turn:

SC says that "the use of the Latin language is to be preserved in the Latin rites." and..
"The Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as specially suited to the Roman liturgy: therefore, other things being equal, it should be given pride of place in liturgical services."

Tell me, fisher, what did your "greater awareness of the Sacred in the locality of universal grace" (aka inculturated liturgy, yup, folks, that is how he describes his brand of Mass comparing it to the centuries old Mass as "a romantic retreat to the less intelligible old days") did to implement those two directives of Sacrosanctum Concilium?

Don't strain yourself.  I'll answer it for you.  Because even in the liturgical school in Bukidnon, there was...



PS: Dear TPC readers, don't ask for his website. You'll just spike his stats and it'll make his day. And, mind you, his/her rant against me did not even get one comment. Let it stay that way.

It just confirmed my darkest fears for a veerryy long time...

Even after the pope's motu propio Summorum Pontificum...lovers of the more reverent way of worshiping is STILL RIDICULED AND MARGINALIZED by fellow Catholics!

These same people will sing "Let there be peace" with heretics like Lutherans and Evangelicals but will never dare attend the Traditional Mass with traditional Catholics.

Such a pity for highly inculturated people.

There goes active participation, folks!

The fruits of Vatican 2?


  1. What's the official stand of the CBCP about altar girls? Last Sunday I assisted at a Mass in Quezon City and strangely, all the altar servers were girls! The Mass was Novus Ordo and the saving grace was it was not the happy clappy kind we see in many Metro Manila parishes. It was traditional except for all the altar servers being girls. It won't be hard to imagine that the only thing lacking is a female priest! I had a deja vu of attending Mass at the US Episcopal Church! The hymns well were typical for the Novus Ordo, somewhat pop-ish (read as Jesuit!) and often sung at liberal US Episcopal parishes.

    Your thoughts are welcome!

  2. Frankly, I don't really like to see some girls serving the altar... Some would say that it's a gender discrimination, I would say that it's a destruction of our Catholic and Biblical Tradition.

    In the bible rophet Samuel is seen assisting Eli, the Levite priest, and Elisha is seen assisting Elijah the Prophet.
    They were all males...