Monday, March 28, 2011

The Ateneo de Manila on the RH Bill

You guys might be wondering for my few days of silence.

Yup, I was super super busy with the major major major upheaval the Church led against the RH Bill.

I will post about this later.

In the meantime, here is something from my fave University!


24 March 2011


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There is a recent article in the press that “UP, Ateneo Profs call for passage of RH Bill.” The article also lists the signatories from the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo de Manila.

A similar position paper was issued by Ateneo faculty on October 15, 2008 and, on that occasion, I issued a statement to the Ateneo community to clarify the stance of the University.  In that memo, I said that the position of the Ateneo de Manila is as follows:

1) We appreciate the efforts of these members of the Ateneo faculty to grapple with serious social issues and to draw from Catholic moral teaching in their study of the bill. [to draw from?!]

2) We acknowledge their right to express their views as individual Catholics and appreciate their clear statement that their views are their own and not that of the University. [And that does not create any scandal or something?]

3) However, the Ateneo de Manila University does not agree with their position of supporting the present bill. As I said in my letter of October 2 to Archbishop Aniceto and Bishop Reyes, it is “the considered opinion of our moral theologians that, although there are points wherein the aforesaid bill and the Catholic moral tradition are in agreement, there are certain positions and provisions in the bill which are incompatible with principles and specific positions of moral teaching which the Catholic Church has held and continues to hold.”

We thus have serious objections to the present bill in the light of our Catholic faith.

4) Ateneo de Manila thus stands with our Church leaders in raising questions about and objections to RH Bill 5043. [Which is actually House BIll 4244.]

5) It is also the responsibility of the Ateneo de Manila as a Jesuit and Catholic university to ensure that, in our classes and other fora, we teach Catholic faith and morals in their integrity[Uhm...yeah.  We'll take it as it is.]

6) At the same time, as I also wrote on October 2, we support continuing efforts on the critical study and discussion [aka common ground.  Isn't that how Obama works things out with the legalization of abortion and gay marriage?] of the bill among Church groups including the University and in civil society.

The position of the Ateneo de Manila remains the same. In matters of faith and morals, the Ateneo de Manila as a Jesuit and Catholic university, stands with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus. [Stands with their society?  But what if the Society is in stark contrast with what the bishops teach?  What do we have now?]  At the same time, we recognize the right of our faculty, as individuals, to express their views and appreciate their clear statement that these views are their own and not that of the University.  [Do it outside of the University and stop using the name of the University as a Catholic institution.  The Rabid Harlots are using it claiming support from "Catholic University professors".



This is one of the reasons why I am frustrated with the Filipino Jesuits.  They are brilliant, yes, no doubt about it.  But in all their brilliance runs the guessing game of: which side are you really on?

They say one thing but here comes another.

As the University president, Fr. Ben can just say to his professors: "You can express your views, but you cannot use the name of the University."  Hey, it won't trample upon their right to free speech.  But the University has the right to protect its name and identity.  Why can't he just do that?

This has been going on even before the dawn of the RH Bill.  That gay professor, Danton Remoto, who screams vitriol against the Church is still employed by the University.  Was he ever sanctioned or even told to cool it down?  Nope. 

I guess free speech is better than protecting your own Mother's honor.

And might I tell the Jesuits, that in this RH debate, there will never ever be a room for discussion and study because what the RH Bill pushes for is a non-negotiable matter with Catholic morals.  None!  And the same goes with the proponents of the RH Bill, which in fact are agents of Planned Parenthood.

Artificial contraception will never be allowed by the Church.  Whether you agree with Humanae Vitae or not, wait till you sit on Peter's Chair.  But until then, stop creating your own church!

Why can't you just put your money where your mouth is?

In this important chapter of our lives as Catholics, can you just either be white or black?

Stop being gray!

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