Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pray for three Pinoy OFWs in China

Please pray that the Lord work a miracle to change the heart of the Chinese government officials and stay the execution of our three fellow Pinoys who face execution next week.  The Chinese government refused to meet the Vice President of the Philippines who aims to talk to them and beg for the stay in the execution.

Offer three Hail Mary's.


Whatever you are doing.

Pause and pray.


  1. True and for their souls. But these convicted Pinoys just show the corruption that is at the heart of our society. We also say the three Ave Marias for ourselves too.

  2. Mary wont do any good.

    The phil government should do the same for each chinese communist found guilty of trafficking in our country.

    Then we could do away with appeals. Instead we can negotiate in equal terms, or even prisoner exchange just like this countries do with the US and other countries.

  3. @leonil - do you realize that you are commenting in a Catholic blog?

    "Mary wont do any good."