Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pinay's song chosen to represent the UK in global Catholic song contest

Emailed to me by Cherrie Anderson herself.

Thanks for the trust Cherrie and Mabuhay!

God bless you for your work!

I know I once blogged about this but I cannot find the link


London, UK - Cherrie Anderson’s submission to the World Youth Day (WYD) 2011 global song contest has been given the thumbs up by a jury of 10 young people. It is now in the race to be one of the top five songs to be sung to an audience of millions at the Madrid WYD later this year!

Cherrie, from the electro-pop band ooberfuse, says ‘I am thrilled that Faith in You has been approved by the jury responsible for selecting the songs. It is now up on the official website alongside 19 other entries... it is so exciting!!! It’s a bit like being in the Euro-vision song contest only entries come from all over the world. So far there are songs from the United States, France, Venezuela, Argentina, Italy and of course Spain. I really hope people like the track enough to give it their vote. It is a song that reflects upon my experience of the faith and my personal encounter with Jesus.’

The lyrics, inspired by the WYD theme ‘Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the Faith,’ explore what being rooted in the life of the spirit means for one young person. Taking a lead from Pope Benedict XVI’s message for WYD Madrid 2011, the song borrows Jeremiah’s image of a tree planted by a stream whose roots reach out to be nourished and sustained by the flowing water.

‘The video,’ Cherrie continues, ‘was shot in Walsingham. There is a fast flowing stream there that rushes through the Shrine with many trees extending their roots into the flowing water. Images of the Slipper Chapel are used to represent the house built on solid rock. The Slipper Chapel is of special significance for English Catholics as it survived the ravages of the Reformation being firmly grounded on the rock of faith that, as the song says ‘no river flood can shake.’


  1. Walsingham! How appropriate. The Holy Virgin of Walsingham has brought Anglicans,Roman Catholics and the Orthodox to prayer!

    The Slipper Chapel represents the Church and how she draws people still!

  2. What a beautiful song. I have passed it on to my wife and her aunt.