Monday, February 28, 2011

Maternal Deaths?

"eleven women who die every day of reproductive health complications"

Says the Rabid Harlots, supporters of a bill aimed at killing life!

What in the world are they talking about?

Contraceptives can help prevent deaths during child birth?

Can someone out there help me make sense out of these?


  1. They have a point though. You cannot die of complications of pregnancy if you don't get pregnant.

    I think we have to use better logic in this campaign.

  2. No Doc Ben. They do not have a point when in fact Pro-lifers especially the Church do not approve of artificial contraception.

    They began their argument by saying that artificial birth control can help solve maternal deaths by preventing conception.

    What logic is in there?

    So if a woman is already pregnant and she discovers that she has eclampsia, what do we then?

  3. So if a woman is already pregnant and she discovers that she has eclampsia, what do we then?

    Then I Would Kill the Baby,If I Were Not Catholic!

  4. The Catholic traditional position is to try to save both lives. If in the course of the attempt to do so one life is ended, then this is morally licit for the intention was not to kill.

  5. I agree with Dr. Vallejo. This is justified by the Principle of Double Effect, wherein an act can lead to good and evil outcomes. Should a hysterectomy be performed (under a very grave reason - i.e. the mother is suffering from cancer in the uterus) to save the mother's life. The consequence is that the baby will die but it was not intended. However, there are certain conditions that need to be satisfied in order for the Principle of Double Effect be put into good use.

    Should the doctor would abort the baby to save the life of the mother, that would be MORALLY ILLICIT.

  6. Yup...I agree!! The personhood of a person is already defined at conception...:)))