Monday, February 21, 2011

Lecture on the New translation of the Roman Missal

2nd Annual Edward Schillebeeckx Lecture Forum 

February 22, 2011, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Angelo King Auditorium, UST Hospital
with the theme: 
Ecclesia Semper Reformanda:
PCPII and the New Roman Missal 

Keynote Lecturer: 
Archbishop Leonardo Legazpi

Other Speakers:
Bishop Teodoro Bacani
Archbishop Oscar Cruz
Fr. Timoteo JM Ofrasio SJ
Fr. Michell Jose Zerrudo
Fr. Anscar Chupungco OSB



Oh this is gonna be good!

Can't wait to blog about this!

Two will be talking as if PCP II is a super council...

Three will be talking heavily about the liturgy and the translation.

Two will be faithful.

One will be nutty.

Guess who!



PS: Obviously they dedicated the lecture forum to the late Schillebeeckx because he was a Dominican. But a dissident theologian!  Keep tab of that! This is wrong.  We still have the same Missal but the translations from the Latin are now different.  They are more faithful to the original text.  So to say that it is a new Missal is wrong.  


Thank God Fr. Tim and Fr. Jojo are around.  


I gave away the answer.  HA!


  1. I am 100% sure that Fr. Anscar will be the nutty one..:))) oh no!!!

  2. I Predict that The New Translation will Be Implemented in December 2012!(If Chupangco is Dead)

  3. I would hope that someone from the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham were invited.

    Anglican Roman Catholics should give Fr Chupungco pause for thought.

  4. @pinoy catholic..

    Will the people needs to adjust themselves with the new translation of the roman Missal? It's because some people have already get used to it with it's current translations.

  5. @keb

    The people, especially Filipinos, will adjust to the new translation. Remember that English is a second language for us.

    But unlike when the Missal of Paul VI was introduced, there was NO catechism on the shift. NONE. NADA. ZILCH.

    No consultation also among "experts".

    And look how some, like Fr. Anthony Ruff and Fr. Chupungco are going nutty about not being consulted with the new translation.

    And we also have a catechesis before the new translation takes into effect.

    Remember that the Church learned to pray first before we wrote down what we believe in. Lex orandi, lex credendi. And it is through the Liturgy that we express our Faith.

    The original Latin of the Missal of Paul VI expresses, though not as sublime and as deep as the Missal of Blessed John XXIII does, our Catholic Faith. Liturgiam Authenticam calls for a more faithful translation of the texts.

    There are a lot of glaring errors in the old translation that makes you ask: why?

    And the new translations, as I saw them are a better one than what we are actually using right now.

  6. @Pinoy Catholic

    Thank you so much for the info...