Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GULP ALERT: Benedictine Altar Arrangement at Church of the Gesu

No. I am not talking about the Church of the Gesu in Rome.  That's the mother church of the Jesuit order.  I am talking about the starship enterprise, err..., that new church in the campus of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Look at this picture below

That is the revered and imminent Jesuit liturgist, Fr. Tim Ofrasio, assisting the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Edward Adams, as Masters of Ceremonies at an ordination ceremony at the Church of Gesu

You can see that the altar was prepared by Fr. Ofrasio using the Benedictine Altar Arrangement.  Notice the seventh candle.

Here is a shot of the sanctuary.

Thanks to a friend and a fellow GULP for sharing the photos.

So, to the members of God's Undercover Liturgical Police...

Say it with me now!


And if I may add.  One of the few Jesuits I admire.  I hope by now you know why I that word is in bold and italicized.