Monday, February 7, 2011

Fr. Anscar throws a nutty

Anyone seen the TV Mass this Sunday morning?

Yeah, all TV stations in the country have one so it becomes more of "who says it" that makes the difference.

I am talking about the Sunday TV Mass in Solar TV.  This is the same group that covered the Traditional Latin Mass offered in the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy.

Is it just the Mass or were the email box of Fr. Ansar filled to the brim from questions about "what the Latin Mass is all about" that threw him into a hissy fit and made him, 2 weeks after the Latin Mass, broadcast his magnum opus, (drum roll and barf bag please!) the Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino.

If you need descriptions to this Chupungcan abomination, click here and here.

Yup, folks, that is what this priest wants us to be.  A pseudo-Lutheran, cum Broadway style of Mass.

It seems that Fr. Anscar and his minions are working overtime to counter the reactions, albeit positive, generated by the broadcasting of the TLM.   I think he REALLY got upset with that broadcast!

That is why, he and his padawan, Fr.Genaro Diwa, would stop at NOTHING to prevent the Latin Mass.

Remember that these two priests were the ones who were instrumental with the monumental of a stupidity that prevented Latin Mass devotees from celebrating the Mass in the Manila Cathedral, only to have Cardinal Rosales who signed the instruction be lectured by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, then Ecclesia Dei Commission president, about the Motu Propio Summorum Pontificum and why he (Cardinal Rosales) CANNOT and DOES NOT HAVE the AUTHORITY TO PREVENT THE PUBLIC CELEBRATION OF THE TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS.

Why o why Fr. Anscar are you so nutty?

What is it with the Mass of your ordination that makes you so upset?

What is it with the Mass that lasted for centuries that you so try to work so hard to destroy?

Oh, and to the "Liturgists of the Order of AJ Chupungco", if you want to reply, don't give me that "pristine Mass" crap!

I can throw you the books to prove you are wrong!

And I don't even possess a degree in liturgy!


That one always makes my day!

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  1. Why dont we work to bring the Anglican Mass (as celebrated in the Ordinariate of Lady of Walsingham) to the Philippines? This shake up the trendies!