Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anglican Evening Prayer!

From Doc Ben Vallejo of Anglican Use in the Philippines blog comes this wonderful news:

TheAnglican Evening Prayer has finally been approved to be held inside a Roman Catholic church or chapel thanks to the generosity of the Bishop of Cubao, Most Rev. Honesto Ongtioco!

You can read more about the Evening Prayer by heading over to his blog.

Brick by brick...step by step!

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  1. Thanks for spreading the so called "Anglican patrimony virus". It is really baby steps on this road.

    Even at the first prayers, we did recover a nuance that we had lost as a church in the Creed. We said the Creed in its old English translation. I had to explain what "Very God of Very God" means. And the meaning is closer to how the Greeks and later the Latins understood the divinity of Jesus Christ. Anglican Use recovers this continuity with early Church.