Saturday, January 22, 2011

See you all tonight!

From the post of my good friend, Gerald.


Tonight at 8pm we will be taping the Tridentine Latin Mass tomorrow's 7am Sunday TV Mass of SOLAR TV(channel 9). This is the form of the Mass prior to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. For many years, almost everybody thought that this was already abrogated with the advent of the New Order of Mass of Pope Paul VI, the Mass ce...lebrated in all parishes today but in July 7, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI CLARIFIED in his apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum given motu proprio that the Tridentine Mass was NEVER ABROGATED and REMAINS SACRED and good for us.

I invite you to tune in tomorrow, January 23 at 7am at SOLAR TV (channel 9 aerial, channel 14 cable).

For those who would want to join us at the taping, this will be at 8pm at the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy, Maamo cor. Madasalin Sts. in Sikatuna Village Quezon City. This is a stone throw away from Save More Supermarket along V.Luna and Anonas Ext. Sts. This will be an anticipated mass.


  1. Hi...Is there Latin Mass on a Monday or Tuesday? I will be visiting Philippines on May 23...I want to attend TLM. Thank you.

  2. Hi, Karen. Yes there is. Go to the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Fr. Jojo Zerrudo regularly celebrates TLM. Visit their website her: