Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Communion in the Hand Website

Nope. I am not supporting that practice! NEVER WILL!

But what I am driving at at this post is that a NEW WEBSITE dedicated to educate people about the proper way of receiving communion BY THE TONGUE AND KNEELING, if may, is now online.

No, it does not promote Communion in the Hand but rather the complete opposite!

It offers useful resources to educate the faithful about this UNUSUAL and IRREVERENT way of receiving communion. Knowledge is power. And knowing the issues about this practice will give you a sure defense against those omniscient liturgists who would bamboozle you with historical quotes that Communion in the Hand is the ancient and therefore CORRECT practice of receiving the Eucharist.

Well, what happened to thousands of years of communion in the tongue?

Read and become aware so you won't be fooled by liturgical hobbyists who think that they know it all in anything about liturgy since they associate with a has-been and thus become a walking and living 2nd class relic of their revered professor!

DO NOT BE FOOLED! Know the real issues! This is a matter of great concern!  Hosts have been found desecrated in various churches around the world!  This manner of reception has to STOP NOW!

Head on over to the site and sign up!

Don't forget to sign our own petition which you can find on the left side navi bar.

Thanks to the Golden Monstrance for the tip.

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