Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another dissident theological school in the Philippines to watch out for!

Nope folks. This is no cultural show. This is an actual entrance procession of a Mass in the St. Vincent School of (Dissident) Theology.

The deacon, carrying the Gospel and wearing a weirdly colored stole, is carried on a bamboo platform by four young men, almost resembling the pope on the sedia gestatoria.

They call this an Inculturated Mass, imitating this image of Muslim Filipinos.

Yup, that magic word.  Inculturated!  In a nutty shell, inculturated means "the adaptation of the way Church teachings are presented to non-Christian cultures, and to the influence of those cultures to the evolution of these teachings"  But in this school, it is the other way around.  It is the Church that must have an Asian way of worshiping to make it more "appealing" to the locals.  So don't be surprised if you see other Filipino paganistic rituals end up in any Masses you see in the future from those who attended training in this kind of school.

And you think it stops there.

Here are more liturgical nonsense and to put it plainly, liturgical rebellion from this "catholic" theology school.

"Liturgical" Dancers in "traditional" garb leading the "liturgical" procession, with a bare bamboo cross following.  The cross is bare in that it does not have a corpus or the body of the crucified Christ.

The servers, both men and women, (ugh!) are wearing non-liturgical clothing.  Seriously, I almost lost consciousness trying to think what part of the Mass this is...if it is still the Mass.

The women servers bow down to the priest to present him the incense.  Yup, she is holding what is supposed to be a censer and that thing the guy is holding is what we Pinoys call a "Petromax" or a type of kerosene lamp, quite common in the days when rechargeables are not yet invented.  I STILL do not know why it is there for!  AND I THOUGHT INCULTURATION IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU CLOSER TO THE FAITH!!!

The "Babaylan Musical Troupe".  No, I just made that name up with a dash of sarcasm to it.  Guitars all around.  Not on the official list of liturgical instruments. Ask Cardinal Arinze.

Again, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT PART OF THE MASS THIS IS!  By how it looks, it is a nature dance.  Yup!  In a Catholic Mass!

See the chalice and paten?  Made of ceramics.  Not allowed!  Read here and here.  Do you also see the wicker trays where the hosts are?

And after the liturgical rebellion feast, everybody poses happily for posterity...

Evidence of who took part in the mutilation of the Catholic Mass.  Happy and all smiles!

And here is another surprise, one of the members of the faculty is Bishop Antonio Tobias, the Bishop of Novaliches which incidentally has jurisdiction over this school.  Huh!

And by the way...this school is run by the Vincentians the same congregation that the master of the liturgical revolution after Vatican II came from...Archbishop Annibale Bugnini!

Just so you know. think it ends eh?

My parish priest is Vincentian.  So that'll give you an idea where I am from.  Ha!

One Christmas Eve Mass, my dear Cure' said in his homily that "Christmas is about the giving of one's self just like the Father giving His Only Begotten Son to the world."  Ok, so far so good.

But into the homily, he said that we will do something special during Holy Communion.  So we all awaited.  After the Agnus Dei, he told us that two lines will be formed when receiving communion.  He said that when he gives Communion, it will ONLY be on the HAND and not on the tongue and not kneeling!  A clear violation of liturgical norms since communion on the tongue IS the NORM and on the HAND is an INDULT, meaning an exception to the rule.  Next, that the one who receives the Host must not consume it immediately but must give it to the one on his/her side.  And the one who receives reciprocates!   That makes EVERYONE an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

I wish there are liturgical prisons for abusers such as this!  I surely am praying!

Sorry, but I had a bad sampling of Vincentians.  And with this theology school in the country, I do not expect to find any good ones any sooner.  I pray I find one.


I will blog more about this School of DISSIDENT Roman Catholic Theology in the future.

Keep you posted.

PS  :   You might also ask your priest, brother, nun, and lay leaders where they had their theological training.  If they came from either of these three (Maryhill, Euntes and St. Vincent) you be sure that they will be AGAINST anything before Vatican II and anything that the Holy Father says.  THEY ARE THEIR OWN POPES!


  1. Wait a second: we can't have the Pope in the sedia gestatoria because it's "triumphalist"; but we can have a deacon in a "standia bambootoria" or whatever that thing is? I don't get it.

  2. I Had A Not-so-Liturgically-Correct Experience in Paris:

    My Family made A Stopover in The Chapel of The Miraculous Medal,We Brought The Medals to A Room to be Blessed.

    Guess Who Blessed Them? It Was A...(Drum Roll Please)...AN AFRICAN DAUGHTER OF CHARITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    O Mary Conceived Without Sin,Pray for Us Who Have Recourse to Thee and for all those Who Do NOT have Recourse to Thee,Especially The Modernists!!!

  3. @josemaria - Good God Almighty! Go find a priest who will bless and impose the medals on you using the approved rite. I have it here:

    If I can tell that nun that the "playing priest game" is over!

  4. I wonder what the kerosene lamp is for. I don't get it.

  5. I just hope that the "master of ceremony" unintentionally missed the gala entrance coupled with spot lights and smoke machineS. This is a perfect stage play that one will surely recognize as one of those CENACULO!



  6. It's a shame to the Church and to all the Christians, they make some live shows and stunts and claimed that it's Sacred?.
    I wonder what will Pope Benedict XVI will say. I'm sure he will not like this mess.It's Very OA!

  7. this is the part of what we called "NEW MASSES".. i think this is the negative effect after Pope John XXII and Pope Paul VI imposed the Second Vatican Council