Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Survey says!

Pulse Asia released the result of their latest survey showing that 69% of Filipinos favor the Reproductive Health Bill.  And who to trumpet it?  of course its author, Cong. Edcel (Lagay-man) Lagman.

But the skeptics are wondering if those surveyed actually read the bill and noted that most of the provisions of the bill are unconstitutional, like against free speech and that pills are abortifacients.

Even if 100% of those surveyed wanted the RH Bill, would it still be morally acceptable?

Would the use of contraceptives even outside of marriage make the Church just sit down and shut up?

No, brothers and sisters.  No!

If immoral practices are made into laws, then we might as well legalize prostitution which most likely be next on the agenda of these people who are pushing for the passage of the Bill.  Come to think of it, it will increase the sales of condoms!

Immorality cannot and must not be made into laws that put the religious beliefs of its citizens in jeopardy.

If that be the case, then why would the legislators forbid polygamous marriages in Muslim Filipinos?  Because they are protected by the Sharia Law?  Then the country is showing a bias for a particular religion!

If the rule of the game for Lagman is the Numbers Game...THEN



Everybody does it, right?  So LEGALIZE IT!

Now let's see you, LAGMAN, do that!


  1. It is not surprising that 69% of Filipinos support the RH bill. Did not the people support Barrabas as well?

    I agree that most of the people are not well informed of its contents and even less knowledgable on its future reprucussions. Also, let's also face up to the influence of the media in that ABS/CBN and the Inquirer have been overtly supporting this bill.

    British journalist Peter Hitchens (whom I admire) has this to say about polls in his current blog:

    Most opinion polls need to be viewed with a lot of suspicion, and read very carefully. It was because I took this view that I was the only commentator in the country who correctly predicted that David Cameron’s Liberal Tories would not win May’s General Election. So please believe me when I point out that such polls do not just ­happen. Someone decides to commission them, for a reason. This costs a lot of money. And the questions that are asked can themselves be used to create opinions where none existed. They are a device to manipulate public opinion, not a device for measuring it.

    Also, has the church taken any steps to excommunicate Cong. Edcel Lagman. He is in full attack mode and his doing his best to undermine church teaching. The church loses credibility when this walking mockery of the faith still has a standing in the church and can receive the Eucharist.

  2. Lorenz,

    Excellent points raised especially the one about Barabbas and Hitches. Great!

    We might as well start a petition to excommunicate Edcel Lagman aimed towards his own bishop, the Bishop of the Diocese of Legazpi, Most Rev. Joel Z. Baylon, DD.