Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ordinariate for Australia by Easter!

Zenit has just reported that the Ordinariate for Australian Episcopalians wanting to take advantage of the provision of Anglicanorum coetibus could be created by Easter 2011.

Bishops of England and Wales announced that  an ordinariate would be established there as early as January

Read more about this breaking news here.

Welcome home brothers and sisters!

And Mabuhay, Pope Benedict XVI, the Pope of Christian Unity.


PS:  I am wondering if there are any moves from the Pinoy bishops related to this.  Hmmmm...

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  1. The hierarchies on the Pinoy Catholic and Anglican side look at all of this with interest but don't expect an Philippine Anglican Ordinariate soon. Much of the effort on an Anglican presence in the Philippine Catholic Church is due to the efforts of laypeople. We laypeople on both the Anglican and Catholic sides want Anglicans to remain faithful Anglicans and Catholic to remain faithful Catholics with all remaining faithful to the teachings we got from the Apostles.

    The lay are the spreaders of the so called "Anglican Virus", Anglicanorum Coetibus is for Anglicans joining the Catholic Church as corporate bodies, but the apostolic constitution cannot be limited to former Anglicans since the Church even in its particular sense as an Ordinariate is a Living Body and will attract the living and those who want to live! Many Roman Catholics have experienced the spirituality of Anglicanism and lived the full Catholic expression of this. They in a very real sense Anglicans too and will need the Ordinariate. Their spirituality will have to be encouraged by our bishops

    The Anglican Use in the Philippines hopes inspire restoration what Episcopalians and Roman Catholics have lost in our country, I just can name a few like 1) spiritual moderation, 2) interior prayer that is very monastic and yet said in the secular world, 3) reverence for the Eucharist, 4) true and meditative devotion to the Holy Virgin 5) The Praying of the Psalter.

    And by God's grace there will be Anglicans in communion with Rome in the Philippines. The mustard seed has been planted. I wish readers will water this with their prayers!