Thursday, December 23, 2010

One of my favorite bishop resigns

The Holy Father has accepted the resignation of Pasig Bishop Francisco San Diego from the pastoral care of the diocese.  He is the first bishop of the diocese.  The pope accepted the resignation in accordance with Canon Law's age limit for sitting bishops.  His Holiness appointed Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales as Apostolic Administrator.

Now this leads me to ask:

Cardinal Rosales is waaay beyond the canonical age requirement.  In fact, he will turn 80 next year, which means he will be no longer Archbishop of Manila because this is the limit canon law sets for bishops.  The pope waived off the resignation of the cardinal when he turned over his resignation after his 75th birthday.  But on the 80th, he must go.  Further, on the side, he will be ineligible to future papal conclaves.  Why is the cardinal's retirement delayed and why is Bishop San Diego's immediately accepted?  Why was the Vicar of the diocese not appointed?  Just asking.  I know the pope has the authority.  I am not revolting.  I am...just...asking.

The Diocese of Pasig is one of few dioceses in the Philippines that allows the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  Cardinal Rosales is well-known to prohibit the celebration of the Traditional Mass in open defiance of the pope's motu propio, Summorum Pontificum, no thanks to a Filipino liturgist booted out of San't Anselmo by Cardinal Ratzinger himself!  Now...will this mean that the traditional liturgy will also be suppressed now that the cardinal IS the Apostolic Administrator?

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