Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the road


That is the reason for the low blogging the past days.

I am somewhere down South. So I'll post some of my 'discoveries" here which I may not be a canon lawyer, but I sure ain't dumb.

Two demoted.


Hold on.

I'll reserve this for the days ahead.

Meanwhile, I am happy that things are going the way we intended it to be.

...for atheists, born-against Catholic supposed-to-be-Catholic scriptwriters, to have their rude awakening about making a serious mockery of our Lord on film.

Remember folks that it all started with the laity and not with our clergy.

Not that it is a bad thing or it says something awful about out clergy.


It is about telling these Catholic haters that in a nation made up of 85% Catholics...we cannot take this s*** sitting down.

We will defend our Faith...when push goes to shove!

Vivat Jesus!

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