Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Liturgical Magisterium of A and G!

I made this the title of this post because I read in Fr. Z's blog that Papal Masses starting this Christmas Eve Mass WILL NEVER EVER DISTRIBUTE COMMUNION ON THE HAND!

Ever...never ever ever ever ever!


More reasons to sign the petition against Communion in the Hand!

And the title suggests that because in the liturgical dominion of the Philippines, only two names come up usually.

And they dare go against what the Holy Father wishes on liturgical matters.

Yes, these two priests have their own liturgical magisterium.

Thank God not all dioceses follow them!

Take the case of the Archdiocese of Cebu.  This is the altar arrangement in the Cebu Cathedral.

BUT....You will NEVER EVER see this altar arrangement in the churches in the Archdiocese of Manila.  Because the "liturgical master" does not want it!

Their liturgy is places more importance in seeing the face of the priest rather than fixing our eyes on the Lord!

As I have said before...Tick Tock Tick Tock!

Time is against Frs. A and G.  Once we have a new archbishop of Manila who is more faithful to tradition...

We'll see

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  1. Holy Communion in the Christmas Eve mass at the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice at UP were received by the mouth! The reason? Communion was administered under both kinds by intinction.

    But I noticed that many people insisted on getting the Host by the hand! The ministers had to do instant catechism on the Eucharist. And people suddenly realized that communion by intinction was more sacral.

    More real catechesis is needed! The Eucharist has to be revered and revered to high Heavens. The Eucharist is God with us.