Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interesting articles and comments about Summorum Pontificum

The great Father Z, Rorate Caeli and the New Liturgical Movement have interesting articles about an interview with Msgr. Guido Pozzo, the Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, on the occasion of three years of Summorum Pontificum, the motu propio issued by the current Holy Father, libelarizing the use of the 1962 Missal.

For the WDTPRS article, click here.

For the NLM article click here.

For the Rorate Caeli article posted by my good friend Caloy Palad, click here


PS:  I am a bit dumped today with tons of work.  And I have my hands full with the heretical writings of Filipino theologians WHO ARE STILL teaching at theology schools in Manila!

Time permitting and God willing, I will bring these out to light.

Don't get me wrong.  I am no theologian but I am someone who knows his Catechism and Bible

So, I will comment based on these.

Vivat Jesus!

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