Thursday, December 16, 2010

GULP Exam: What is sooo wrong in this picture?

The GULP Exam is back and we have another "mystifying" photo.

I know you know the answer to this one but it just baffles me why the Lord Jesus who is present in the appearance of bread is of the same level as that of the Bible?!?!?!?

And there are others in this photo.  Go spot the not!

This is a photo of Our Lady of Grace Parish Church in Grace Park, Caloocan City.  This is the biggest church in the city.


  1. off topic. I don't like the idea of the SSPX in the Philippines coming up with an advertisement on their simbang gabi while promoting the anti RH stance of a certain Catholic bishop. The SSPX is a non Roman Catholic group and they should say that that their Masses are not Roman Catholic and normally cannot fulfill Catholic obligations.

  2. •Presider's chair at the center.
    •Risen Lord on the Cross.
    •Two banners above the bible and the tabernacle, respectively?

  3. Greetings!

    It's been some time since I last checked your wonderful blog Mr. TPC, and as always it's very much missed.

    One thing I can point out forwardly is that the Sanctuary Lamp is... not a Lamp but a light! The General Instruction of the Roman Missal # 316 states and I quote: "In accordance with traditional custom, near the tabernacle a special lamp, FUELED by OIL or WAX, should be kept alight to indicate and honour the presence of Christ."

    Also, with all due respect to Mr. Vallejo. I think niether you nor me have the proper office and voice to state that the SSPX are "non Roman Catholic" as you have said. Their official status in Communion with the See of Rome has never been stated as being in "formal schism" - which if they were, you could technically state as you did - so I wouldn't use your wordings accordingly. It neither solves nor helps with their current situation. Also, my apologies for pointing out that you are wrong in stating that Catholic Faithful attending SSPX Masses are not fulfilling their obligations. Though there are many issues surrounding this, and you may have a different view, it is licit for the faithful to attend but are not recommended to receive Holy Communion.

    From Fr. Z
    "Lay people fulfill their Sunday Mass obligations if they go to an SSPX chapel for Mass. They can even give some money when they go for the upkeep of the chapel. While I don’t recommend receiving Communion at their Masses, there are conditions under which it would be okay to do so."

    I'm still in the process of finishing my semester so, I cannot go into this lengthily but I would happily respond back when given the time.

    Now, I am in no way a member of the SSPX, (I'm a member of the Society of the Sacred Heart of the ICRSP) rather I always pray for their graceful conversion and immediate communion with the One Holy Catholic an Apostolic Church. Again, I offer my comments with much love and respect. Thanks again Mr. TPC for your wonderful "vocation."