Friday, December 3, 2010

Follow your conscience?

The Illinois Governor, who calls himself a Catholic, will sign into law a "civil union" act that would make same sex know the picture.

The governor's bishop, Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki fired back at Gov. Quinn after the governor said that his faith was a principal motivation for backing the legislative effort.

The bishop said:
“If the governor wishes to pursue a secular agenda for political purposes, that is his prerogative for which he is accountable to the voters. But if he wishes to speak as a Catholic, then he is accountable to Catholic authority, and the Catholic Church does not support civil unions or other measures that are contrary to the natural moral law,” Paprocki said.

Then the politician retorted:
“I follow my conscience. I think everyone should do that. I think that’s the most important thing to do in life, and my conscience is not kicking me in the shins today,” the governor told reporters.

FYI. The governor graduated from Georgetown University.

And after pledging to support same sex "unions", he can still muster the energy to sleep sound at night believing that he follows God's commandments and the natural moral law.

Conscience...Jesuits...Public Square...seeing a pattern here?

"Throw out the Bible and the Catechism! You have your conscience."

No.  That's not me talking.  I can here them give that advice.

Do "Catholics" like these, lay or cleric, know who REALLY is talking to them?

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