Saturday, December 4, 2010

Caption this!

He-She-It (whatever you want to call this) posted on his Facebook Wall about getting excited to join this day's march of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Surprisingly, it was deleted!


In the meantime, here is You-Know-Who in his natural state.

Charming isn't it?

Continue praying the Rosary for his conversion so he'll lose those horns and come back Home. He keeps on posting on his FB wall about how excited he is for the grand Marian procession in Intramuros. Those attending, watch out for stunts from his degenerate horde. There are a lot of people and the Damaso wearing shirts love the attention.

Hope springs eternal. Even St. Paul who murdered a lot of Christians converted and became one of the greatest saints.


  1. "Today Fellow Freethinkers,is Another Church-Bashing Day!! WALK THIS WAY PLEASE!!!"


  2. I thought they are FREETHINKERS! Why put on a costume from a character which their belief says doesn't exist?

  3. Many Thanks Sir Knight!!! My Caption is Not Accurate Enough,It Should Be Instead:

    "Today Fellow Freethinkers and LGBT Folks,is Another Padre Damaso-Bashing Day!! WALK THIS WAY TO SODOM AND GOMORRAH PLEASE!!! MWAHAHAHAHHEHEHEHOHOHOHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

    Prayers for Your Son!!