Friday, December 17, 2010

Black Fascia: Perfect Christmas gift for Pinoy priests

Here is a wonderful photo of Pasig Bishop Franciso San Dieo and Fr. Mark Sese, one of a handful of priest who celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite aka the Traditional Latin Mass.

If you look closely, Fr. Mark is wearing a black fringed fascia, which is part of the ecclesiastical garb of priests of the Latin Rite.  It has not been outlawed so it is perfectly legal for priests of the Latin rite to wear one.

Here you can see Cardinal Ranjith, before his elevation to the cardinalate, with some of his clergy.  Notice the black fascia.  The man on the left maybe a lay brother or a priest of a religious order, that is why he is wearing a white fascia.

Before, if clergymen were in the presence of the Holy Father for an audience, they are required to wear the ferraiolo like this photo below of Pope John XXIII with some bishops.  Look who the first bishop on the left is. 

 It is Papa Luciani!

Bishops and Cardinals still wear them at formal occasions like state functions.  The photo below shows Cardinal Jaime Sin wearing his ferraiolo for the swearing into office of Gloria Arroyo in 2001.

Apart from that, I am glad to see Fr. Mark wear the proper garb of his office.  Kudos too to Bishop San Diego for raising priests in his diocese like Fr. Sese!

Wear black cassock dear Fathers!

Wear the black fascia!

Black fascias can be purchased in the Philippines through Talleres de Nazaret!

(Warning though, the Talleres website plays a nasty tune.  Very irritating especially if you are in the office or you easily get spooked.  Really, I am not joking.  Can someone tell them to shut the thing off?)

Go check them out.  The fascias are on a made to order basis.  I am not sure if other liturgical shops sell or make fascias.  The one in Megamall?  Not sure.

Buy one as a gift for your priests.

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